DIY Craftsman Window Trim

Are you as enamored with old houses as I am? They’re easy to love. The charm. The craftsmanship. The unique individual characteristics that each one seems to have. One commonality I’ve noticed in older homes, is that the windows and doors are slathered in thick, gorgeous solid wood trim.


It makes the room feel bright, bigger and draws your eye up and into the light.


Some trim work is painted creamy white, and some stained. Both provide a different look, and both are gorgeous!


The best part about this look? It’s ridiculously simple to do. And it adds SO MUCH to a room.

After falling in love with this look in our kitchen, I moved into our master bedroom. Here’s step by step how to get this look and bring this craftsman charm to your house.window wood.png

Before buying supplies, take your measurements.


The two vertical sides of the window

The apron length (horizontal length of window + 4″ + 4″)



Nail Gun

Caulk (or wood filler if staining)

Paint or stain

Hand saw or miter saw

Tape Measure

1×4 (for the two vertical sides of the window, and the apron length)

1×6 (for the apron length)

1×2 (for the two across the top, apron length + 1″)

Note: Before starting, take the measurements of the two vertical sides again and be as exact as possible. The two vertical sides will probably be different, so measure both sides separately and cut seperately.


Cut the 1x4s for the two vertical sides & attach with nail gun


Measure the apron length again for accuracy, and add 1″ to that measurement. Cut the 1×2 to this length. Position the 1×2 on top of the 1×4 so that the edge hangs over the 1x4s. Check to make sure it’s even on both sides (1/2″ over hang on each side). I like to add 1 nail to secure it, then step back and look it. It’s easy to remove if need be with just 1 nail.


Next comes the 1×6. Cut this to the apron length.


Then, the second 1×2. Cut to the SAME length as the last 1×2, and attached in the same way.

I had to get crafty attaching the last guy, because the nail gun was too tall and hit the ceiling. I angled it, and did my best. No one can see the top anyway if there’s a few stray nails sticking up.

Lastly (almost done!) the final 1×4. Cut to the apron length, and attached below the sill.


To finish it all off, I caulked all the joints where board met board. You can see that my vertical pieces were a little short, so I caulked the gap for a seamless finish. I also covered all the nail holes.


I repeated the same process on the long window in our room.


And Voila! Instant charm.

No trim (it was laundry day, we sleep with sheets, I promise.)




You can paint the trim gray, black, or classic white


Or stain it, like I did in the kitchen. I love the contrast with the white subway tile backsplash.


I’ll be painting ours white in the master!

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