DIY Microwave Shelf

As part of our kitchen makeover, we planned to upgrade our appliances to stainless steel. It always drove me nuts, though, that our microwave was soooo close to the stove. fullsizerender12

See how it hung down below the cabinets? Am I crazy or should that not be flush? Besides the fact that I’m pretty sure it was not to code, it looked ridiculous. So I looked for inspiration.

From littlehouseoffour 

Katie from Little House of Four made this cute little shelf above her microwave. It was the perfect solution to my problem!

I started by taking off the cabinet that was above the microwave. This was pretty simple. I just unscrewed the screws inside the microwave and BAM it was down.


What you see here is the result of my bad drywall job after ripping out the backsplash.


Yeah. Bad drywall job. But I knew I’d be putting tile back over it, so it didn’t really matter. I digress.

This shelf needed to be strong, because it is the primary thing that holds up the microwave. After measuring, I used a piece of plywood cut to the size of the opening as the bottom support.


I screwed from the inside of the cabinets into this piece, and used L brackets screwed into the studs in the back.

I used another piece for the top, and screwed it in only from the sides. Then, I added two more pieces of plywood for the sides.

Lastly, I added a trim piece to the top  and the sidesto hide the ugly and fill in the gaps.


Next? The microwave.


And lastly, a little caulk, a little paint, and a few decorations.


So much better ❤

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