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My great grandfather was an iron worker. He worked with his hands, creating, designing, and forming metal into timeless works of art. He shared a home with his wife and four children. In front of that little 900 sq foot home on Elati Street, he built a wrought iron fence. In the early 1920s he and his son came down with a serious case of pneumonia. The doctor said his son would not likely make it through the night, but that my great grandfather would be likely to improve. Instead, by act of God or fate, my great grandfather passed away at the age of 30, and my grandpa lived. The fence he built still stands today.

The creative drive that flowed through his veins was passed down and lives in me now. I am a lover of all things real estate, designing, improving and taking on new challenges.

I am fascinated with the art of preserving and restoring the old, and putting lifeĀ and beauty back into homes. This blog is designed to show you the things I’ve done, mistakes I’ve made, and empower you to dive into your own home’s projects! Thanks for coming along the journey with me!



I’m a licensed realtor, working in Corpus Christi, TX and surrounding areas. I will advocate for you to ensure you reach YOUR housing goals. I’ll bring to you new insights, and a fresh way of looking at real estate. Let’s get started.