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After we covered the hole above our fireplace (read about that here) we had to find a new place to our TV. I did some research, I figured out it would be better to mount our TV to the side of our fireplace and found some inspiration on pinterest from the blog Life Thry a Linds:


What a difference, eh? Linds used painted pieces of plywood and L brackets for shelf support. I didn’t want to fuss with L brackets, and wanted a thicker look so I went a slightly different route.

I found these awesome, white floating shelves at Ikea and knew they’d be perfect. I ordered two long shelves for below the TV, and two shorter ones for on top.

The short shelves are 12″ long and run at $6.99/shelf. You can find them here.

The long shelves are just shy of 75″ and are about $20 bucks a piece. All in all, a pretty good buy. And they were a sinch to install. You can find the long shelves here. Ikea has a lot of shelves to choose from, some floating and some not. I wanted something chunky, white, and completely floating.

We knew we wanted to mount the TV right next to the fireplace, in this unused, blank blue spot.



The shelves themselves came with pretty decent instructions and were easy to do once you figured the first one out. I forgot to take pics during the hanging process. The first step was to mount our TV, so that I could plan out where the shelves should go. Then, I marked off the shelves first with pieces of tape to make sure I knew where I wanted the shelves to go. The shelves come with heavy duty brackets that you first level and attach to the wall. Then the shelves slide into place on top. After that, you screw bolts from the bottom up into the bracket. And then they’re solid as a rock.


I love how the white looked against the  blue wall. Now the fun part, decorating 🙂


The shelves sat completely flush with the wall. In theory, I could have drilled a hole in the middle to run the chords, but I decided to leave them be. So, I found a burlap chord cover at Hobby Lobby for $10. I stuffed all the chords into the brown basket so they’d be hidden.


Project Source List:


Ikea LACK Wall Shelf, 11.75″ long

Ikea Lack Wall Shelf, 74.75″ long

Burlap Chord Cover, Hobby Lobby

Fake Plant, Ikea

Shelf Decor, Thrifted

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