Elatistreet.co’s Newest Addition!

Hey Everyone! I hope you didn’t miss last weeks’ Antique Dresser Refresh, and how pretty it turned out!

I also had to give you a quicky update on our front door interior. You voted, I painted! I was debating between a charcoal gray, or a mint green.


The vote was cast, and mint green was the choice. After some mixing and playing around with the right color, I love the result!


I’ll have new updates on the living room coming up!

But the real reason for this post is a BIG exciting announcement! While my blog will continue to focus on DIY and home renovations, I am launching a Real Estate section.


Since getting my Texas real estate license, I’ve dived further into the real estate industry and learned (and am still learning) a lot! I am specializing in first time homebuyers, and this blog will assist them with the tools, education and info they’ll need to make great homebuying decisions. I’ll be focusing on Corpus Christi, but the info will be pertinent to anyone and everyone!

Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE below, so you don’t miss the latest updates and news!


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