Master Makeover Update

Now that the kitchen is behind me, I’ve skipped over the 115 things that need to be done in the living room, and moved into our master bedroom. If you remember, our master looked like this last week


Jack wasn’t bothered by the disaster, he took the liberty of finding himself a cozy spot regardless. Despite the chaos, the bedroom still looks a lot better than it did a few months ago


Look at that paint color…I lovingly call it “poop brown.” Not the retreat style you usually are going for in a master. Ignore the navy border around the top. I was trying something. It wasn’t what I was looking for.

I settled on a nice, mid-tone gray. It is a little dark, but will be balanced really nicely with white window trim and baseboards and our chocolate wood flooring.


After painting was completed, I decided to trim out the 2 windows in the master the same way that I did in the kitchen.


Swoon. I can’t TELL you how much bigger it makes windows look and feel. The white draws your eye right to the window, and right into the light. It’s a small thing that makes a huge difference.

And, bonus, it’s a classic look that reminds me of an old farmhouse or a vintage 1920s craftsman.

Oh. And it’s really easy. 😉 For a Step by Step tutorial, checkout DIY Craftsman Window Trim

Windows without the trim


(don’t judge me, it was laundry day)

Windows with the trim



They’ll get a nice coat of white paint to contrast with that cozy gray.

Next weekend floors will go in and we’ll start rearranging furniture.

I will also be finishing a very important and near to my heart project, which I’ll be posting about next week, refinishing my late Grandma’s 78 year old dresser




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