Kitchen Revival: The Reveal

Take a deep breath. A deep, deep breath. Close your eyes.


To one year ago.

If you would have walked in our newly purchase home, you would have smelled ickiness and seen dark brown carpet, dark brown laminate, poor lighting, and an ultra icky kitchen.




Our house isn’t that large of a home, but the kitchen is one of the largest rooms. The way that it was laid out left half of the kitchen completely empty, without enough room for a table but way too much room for nothing. So depressing to be in this space…

So after some intense research on how to fix this mess, we headed to Ikea for some new cabinets. Checkout why we picked Ikea Cabinets here.


Look how cute we were…little innocent homeowners taking on a simple kitchen reno….


I had the kitchen planned to a T. Every square inch accounted for.

And the construction began.

We tore out the cabinets, appliances, lighting, and ultra depressing soffits (which were filled with mouse number 1 and 2’s…gross.)


We had to get drywall repaired and replaced, texture, electric, and plumbing. This kitchen reno quickly turned into a big undertaking and a complete demo. One of the unexpected expenses that pumped up (among others) was the insulation. Our house was built in the late 70s, which means the insulation is 20-30 years old. As long as insulation this old stays in the wall, undisturbed, it still serves it’s purpose.But when the contractor began removing the drywall, the insulation just fell apart. It was unusable, so we had to replace the majority of it.



A clean slate meant it was time to rebuild.


And after cabinet installation, electric, a million and one details and a plethora of DIY





subway tile


And one more BEFORE for good measure…


Without further ado, the after photos


lots of pantry space for storageimg_0985

breakfast areaimg_0989img_0987

i found these globe pendants on amazon <3img_0992img_0996img_0935

my DIY floating shelves, stacked with antique nicknacks img_0977


I used this charcoal antiqued hardware on the cabinets in my previous house, and loved them so much I used them here tooimg_0994

My favorite part of the kitchen <3

After finishing this major reno, I’ll be moving on to our master bedroom, which looked liked this yesterday…


Jack didn’t mind. I’ve got a big mess and big plans . Until next time…


Source List:

Cabinets, Ikea

Paint Color, Sherwin Williams Magnetic gray

Sink, Ikea

Cabinet Hardware, Amazon

Drawer Pulls, Amazon

Faucet, Amazon

Peninsula Globe Lights, Amazon

Backsplash, Lowes

Engineered wood flooring, Floors to Your Home

Floating shelves, DIY (post coming soon!)

Above sink pendant light,

Edison bulbs,

Breakfast table, Ikea

Breakfast chairs, Ikea

Peninsula stools, Ikea


  1. Lisa Michie

    I’m so proud of you!!!! You are such a rockstar renovator and I love how you can see past the “ick” and see the vision. It’s perfection!!!

  2. Dawn Carrico

    Beautiful work! Did you convert the door to a window? Interesting . . .

    • I’m not sure which door you mean? We didn’t convert any doors or windows on this one.But we did tear out a pantry on the right side of the room

  3. Heather Sibley

    This is bright and beautiful ! Wow what a great job!

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