Guest Room Makeover

My husband thought I was crazy when I told him I wanted to make the guest room beautiful. We moved into our quaint little ranch home, and it was pretty gross. Besides tearing out walls and gutting the kitchen, the general aesthetics of the house were pretty yucky to live in. Brown walls, poor lighting, stained carpet, dirty bathrooms. Gross. But despite all the projects I knew we’d have coming down the pipeline, I knew that people would soon be coming to visit. And when they did, I wanted them to have a pleasant place to stay (even if the rest of the house was a wreck). So I started in on changing the baseball boy’s room to a charming guest room oasis.


Yeah. That’s a giant baseball painted on the wall. Slightly off from the neutral pretty theme I was looking for…


Complete with more brown poopy wall color & custom baseball curtains.


New color on the wall, silver strand by Sherwin Williams. This is why I LOVE Sherwin Williams paint. One coat. ONE COAT and this was the coverage. Worth every extra penny.


Pretty Pretty Pretty.


I found these AWESOME old shutters from a 1920’s mansion at an estate sale. SCORE. They’ll be hung in the guest room.


Some farmhouse window trim


The room is complete enough to host guests, but still need some final touches. I’ll knock it out soon!


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